Hi! I’m Rebecca, a commercial and editorial food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville, and I specialize in helping chefs, restaurants, bakers, and makers market with soulful images to elevate their brands, connect with clients, and sell more of their work. I also photograph food for cookbooks and magazines including Edible Nashville and Tennessee Home & Farm.

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Morgan and Lennon, Married!

June 24, 2016

Morgan and Lennon’s wedding day started with a forecast of rain and thunderstorms – something most brides dread. But Morgan was so calm about everything – even a gray, humid, rainy day didn’t dampen her spirits! At the end of the day, she said in an email, I’ll be married to my soul mate.
That’s all that really matters!
Here is a look at highlights from throughout their gorgeous day! We did have some rain (and the groomsmen had to make a mad dash for cover at one point!), but it all worked out beautifully!
Congratulations, Morgan and Lennon!! You are just the best – so full of grace and kindness!! It was such an honor to photograph your day, and I have loved working with you every step of the way!!
Special thanks to my team of second photographer Deb Scally and photography assistant Jen Pinckney – you are amazing! See complete vendor list at the bottom of the post!

DyerWedding_0052 DyerWedding_0032 DyerWedding_0033 DyerWedding_0031 DyerWedding_0030 DyerWedding_0034 DyerWedding_0035 Boho bouquet with greenery DyerWedding_0066 DyerWedding_0065 DyerWedding_0064 DyerWedding_0061 DyerWedding_0056 DyerWedding_0057 DyerWedding_0062 DyerWedding_0059 DyerWedding_0063 DyerWedding_0058 DyerWedding_0041 Bride reading letter from groom Bride reading letter from groom DyerWedding_0039 DyerWedding_0043 DyerWedding_0044 First Look Dyer Wedding DyerWedding_0068 DyerWedding_0070 DyerWedding_0071 Morgan Dyer bridal portrait in fiield Bridal Portrait in Field DyerWedding_0060 DyerWedding_0029 DyerWedding_0021 DyerWedding_0022 DyerWedding_0026 DyerWedding_0027 DyerWedding_0025 Bagpipes at church wedding DyerWedding_0075 DyerWedding_0067 DyerWedding_0023 DyerWedding_0074 DyerWedding_0069 DyerWedding_0073 DyerWedding_0053 DyerWedding_0051 DyerWedding_0050 DyerWedding_0085 DyerWedding_0054 DyerWedding_0055 DyerWedding_0100 DyerWedding_0102 DyerWedding_0101 DyerWedding_0099 DyerWedding_0046 DyerWedding_0047 DyerWedding_0048 DyerWedding_0049 DyerWedding_0094 DyerWedding_0098 DyerWedding_0090 DyerWedding_0089 DyerWedding_0088 DyerWedding_0092 DyerWedding_0093 DyerWedding_0087 DyerWedding_0091 DyerWedding_0086 DyerWedding_0079 DyerWedding_0080 DyerWedding_0081 DyerWedding_0082 DyerWedding_0083 DyerWedding_0084 DyerWedding_0078 DyerWedding_0076 DyerWedding_0077 DyerWedding_0095 DyerWedding_0096


Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped make this day a success:
Flowers: Claudia Armstrong
Wedding Coordinator: Libby Monette
DJ: Jon Zadick
Second Photography: Deb Scally
Photography Assistant: Jennifer Pinckney
Bride’s Gown: The White Room in Murfreesboro
Tuxedos: Street Tuxedo
Bridesmaid Dresses: Union Station


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Rebecca Denton is a food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville.