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Julie and Brandon’s First Look

May 21, 2015

Julie and Brandon’s amazing wedding at the Schermerhorn was filled with a ton of special moments, and one of them was their sweet “First Look.”

Many couples these days choose to have a “first look” – a private time for just the bride and groom to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The groom usually stands in one spot facing away from the bride, and she will come up behind him, tap him on the shoulder, and he will turn and see her for the first time. The photographer is there to document this beautiful moment and the emotions that follow.

There are several good reasons to consider a first look:

1. Get rid of the jitters. Seeing each other before the ceremony often calms the nerves and can help the couple feel more relaxed.

2. Time alone. The first look is shared by just the couple (and the photographer) and takes place in a private spot. Because the couple is alone, they can hug and cry, laugh and kiss. They can talk to each other and tell each other how excited they are to get married, and how beautiful they look. This can be the only alone time the couple will have all day, so it’s a great opportunity for some quiet time together.

3. Time for portraits. When the couple decides to see each other before the ceremony, they can do their formal family portraits before the ceremony. Then the couple and family can head to the reception immediately after the ceremony.

4. More time with guests. By having all the portraits completed before the ceremony, the couple (and the family) has a lot more time to celebrate with guests and enjoy the party they’ve been planning for months.

I love a first look for all these reasons, but each couple should make their own decision based on what’s most important to them!

Here are photos from Julie and Brandon’s first look on a sunny afternoon before their gorgeous wedding at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville.















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Rebecca Denton is a food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville.