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Best of 2014 Contest!

January 1, 2015



This year has been an exciting and fulfilling one for Rebecca Denton Photography!! It’s the year I took the plunge to do photography full-time so I can serve you better, and it’s also something I have wanted to do for many, many years.

A huge thank you to each and every one of my clients for trusting me to take beautiful photos of you.

Win a Beautiful Canvas for Your Home!

To celebrate, I’m sponsoring a special contest giveaway! I’ve selected 24 photos from different sessions throughout the year, and I will give away a free 16″ x 20″ canvas gallery wrap (heirloom quality, from my pro lab) with the photo of their choice to the couple or family who has the most votes before January 10.

How to Vote


Each person can receive one vote by leaving a comment below telling me what you love about the photo you are voting for and the name of the couple/family you are voting for. Comments that don’t have both of these things will not be counted.

You can receive an extra vote by “liking” my Facebook page in addition to posting your comment. Simply “like” my page (if you haven’t already) and then leave a comment saying which photo you’re voting for AND WHY so I can count your vote toward the correct photo.

Voting Ends at Midnight CDT on January 10, 2015. Winners will be announced as soon as votes can be validated and counted.

The fine print: By commenting, you allow me to use your comments as testimonials on my website, print or social media marketing. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook.

Thanks again for your support! I’m looking forward to an amazing 2015 and am excited for the new weddings and lifestyle family sessions I have coming up.

Good luck, and Happy New Year!!

Jennifer & Brad

Nora & Jared



Cameron WEBEditedCameron-0570


Julie & Brandon

Engagement photo couple in field at sunset-2105

David & Lauren



Pinholster FamilyMother and Teen Son Natural Portrait-9272

Cowan Family

outdoor fall photo three children-175

Daniel & Emily


Benjamin (aka Superman)

WEBEditedPargh Family-5275

Evie & Cora


Lipman Family

WEBEditedLipman -8505

Caleb & Kayla


Jack & Anna



Mertes Family


Daniel & Clare







Coleman FamilyWEBEditedColeman-4121

Katz Family

Three-month-old baby photo session in Nashville.

Tami, Ian & Wyatt

Family plays together during a photo session in Nashville, TN

Leeloy Family



Mikasobe Family
Natural Family Photo -7729


Sullivan FamilyWEBEditedSullivan2014-450

  1. Deb Scally says:

    LOVE so many of these, but I think the standout is Benjamin “aka” Superman. His expression is priceless, he’s body language is joyful, and you captured the precise moment that makes this “flying” pose work–but still with those safe, parental hands ready to catch him. Kudos, Rebecca!

  2. Kim Lapidus says:

    I am voting for Biller family. The picture of Macie with the guitar in the grass. It combines the hippy side of Nashville with the sweetness and innocence of a child. Such a spectacular shot.

  3. Sara Satinsky says:

    This is hard for me because I know and love and lot of these families. I have to vote for Kayla and Caleb because the picture shows so perfectly how much they love ad care for each other. Sara

  4. Tara Biller says:

    I have to vote for my baby Macie. We absolutely love this shot of her and had so much fun doing this shoot with you Rebecca!

  5. Lindsay Brock Pierce says:

    Evie and Cora. The photo captures the essence of sisterly love. (I don’t actually know any of these people, so I am assuming that they are sisters.) So sweet and fun.

  6. Ashley Longenbaugh Herndon says:

    I Vote:
    Benjamin aka superman
    Amazing pic. Beautiful sky. Would be blessed on a large print.
    And… I had a tie so 1 vote for
    Coleman family
    Love the feel in the photo. Coloring and staging is great. Would also be a great large printed photo memory.

  7. Connie Tylor says:

    Brad & Jennifer! You captured how happy they are!

  8. Hannah Keirnes Lovejoy says:

    I love Tami, Ian, and Wyatt’s photo. The photo captures how enamored this little family is with one another!

  9. Amy Stumpfl says:

    There are so many beautiful shots here…you are awesome, Rebecca! But I have to go with William. That photo tells a whole story…you managed to get Mom and Dad in there, he is looking up at Mom with such joy and adoration, and the magic light is just working for you…nicely done!

  10. Amy Prough Stumpfl says:

    There are so many beautiful shots here…you are awesome, Rebecca! But I have to go with William. That photo tells a whole story…you managed to get Mom and Dad in there, he is looking up at Mom with such joy and adoration, and the magic light is just working for you…nicely done!

  11. Joseph Stokes says:

    I have to go with Benjamin aka superman. Great expression and love the color

  12. Shiloh Burns says:

    William! You captured his sweet personality and smile so beautifully!

  13. Kyla Jane Allen says:

    I’m voting for the Sullivan family! Such a precious moment captured of sister and daddy adoring the new family member.

  14. Jenny Gambill says:

    I love this picture of Jennifer and Brad. You captured the true love and admiration they have for each other.

  15. Donna Savage says:

    Love the picture of William with his hair blowing in the wind and his smile checking in with his mother.

  16. Lauren Wilson Demain says:

    William! Personality shines through!

  17. Jan Clifton says:

    they are all wonderful but I gotta go with the beautiful Sullivan family!

  18. Mary Claire Crow says:

    Evie and Cora. The light, color palette and energy are what caught my eye! All exceptional images.

  19. Marilyn Springer says:

    Nora & Jared. This picture perfectly captures their love & happiness. It is now hanging in my great room. Also pleas see my Facebook page that has a copy of the Christmas card I made using photos from the wedding.

  20. Pat Cowan says:

    My vote is for the picture of the Cowan family. You have captured the personality of each of them. I love it!

  21. Abigail Cole says:

    I am voting for Evie and Cora because they are the sweetest little girls, and this picture perfectly captures their spirit.

  22. Shara Reisman Griffith says:

    These are beautiful especially the one if Daniel and Emily. You captured their perfect day beautifully

  23. Marlene Walker says:

    I agree so many of the pictures are really nice!!! I think any pictures that capture LOVE the way Daniels and Emily’s does is spectacular!!!! The look of LOVE on his face was captured beautifully!!!! Just think the sitting is wonderful!!!!

  24. Melissa Teal says:

    Evie & Cora, Ells Family.
    How could that photo not bring a smile to your face? !? There is so much joy and preciousness in this shot that it seriously makes me want to squeal with delight! It was actually captured on the only Christmas card that made it to my fridge this year….;)

  25. Nancy Smith says:

    I vote for Daniel and Emily, Love the looks on both of their faces. He is so happy, she, so in love. Beautiful

  26. Leslie Kirwan Ress says:

    They’re picture of Daniel and Emily is so beautiful. You caught their love for each other in a beautiful rustic setting

  27. Joan Kirwan says:

    Daniel and Emily, you captured their love in a outdoor natural setting, with warm Fall colors!

  28. Maggie Miller says:

    I have to go with the picture of Daniel and Emily. It’s so gorgeous:)

  29. Becky A Kickliter says:

    The picture of Daniel and Emily looks so beautiful in the outside field. And you caught a great expression of love on both their faces.

  30. Sarah Pinholster says:

    Evie and Cora the sunlight and coloring of the landscape along with their smiles make this a wonderful picture showing love between sisters

  31. Timothy Grove says:

    The picture of Daniel and Emily is totally awesome, you capured the love in their facial expressions that you just cant fake. The setting is simple and free to grow just like their love

  32. Dawn Fiedler-Gibbs says:

    I love Madelines picture!!!

  33. Paula Kirwan says:

    Emily and Daniel!!! Your photo shows their love for one another and a special moment in their special day.

  34. William Nathans says:

    Daniel and Emily. The contrast between their love and nature

  35. Kathy Grove says:

    Daniel and Emily. This picture gives everyone who sees it has hope real love exists.

  36. Heather Kelly says:

    Daniel and Emily. They are the perfect couple and their bliss made this simple backdrop come to life. No words needed, you know what they both are feeling.

  37. Lily Clare Hunt says:

    I love the picture of Daniel and Emily! The tall grass in the background makes the whole image seem sepia toned!

  38. Chad Wright Pittman says:

    The hues of the field and the looks on Emily and Daniel’s faces make it a favorite of mine:)

  39. Debra Grodsky Reisman says:

    Daniel and Emily, This is what true love looks like. You have captured their glowing growing love in the field of Daniel & Emily’s DREAMS!!

  40. Emily Ress says:

    I have to say that Emily and Daniel take the cake. Rebecca captured Emily and Daniel’s love in an embrace. They couldn’t look more Happy. Great work!

  41. Kate Sanders says:

    Daniel and Emily! Amazing couple, you can feel the love looking at the picture!!!

  42. Rebecca Gallo Johnson says:

    Daniel and Emily! You’ve captured their love perfectly.

  43. Ri Privett says:

    Daniel and Emily. Their photo is beautiful!

  44. Tiffany Strong says:

    Daniel and Emily. That is a picture of true love!

  45. Sharon Savage Wood says:

    William, of course! I love that he is the focus of the picture, but still can see Mommy and Daddy’s hands are there supporting him. I love the light in the background, too.

  46. Naomi Copeland says:

    William! What a sweet little boy with such a look of love in his eyes!

  47. Kim Phillips says:

    Daniel and Emily are so sweet…they get my vote!

  48. Susan Gregory Clendenen says:

    Daniel and Emily! It captures both their personalities and how they feel about each other so well!

  49. Al Kirwan says:

    I vote for Emily and Daniel. The picture shows that the truly love each other.

  50. Erin says:

    Is it bad to vote for my family. One of my favorite pictures from the day! thank you again and again!!

  51. Sharyn says:

    I love the “Coleman Family” photo….quite relaxing! They get my vote!

  52. Shira Isenberg-Harary says:

    Loving how chilled out all the Colemans look!

  53. Lia Poupard says:

    I like Tami, Ian and Wyatt best!

  54. Addie Vandivor Christian says:

    William! I LOVE his blue eyes and cheeks!!!!

  55. Kathy Knight says:

    i love this picture of pure joy and trust! I vote for William!

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