Hi! I’m Rebecca, a commercial and editorial food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville, and I specialize in helping chefs, restaurants, bakers, and makers market with soulful images to elevate their brands, connect with clients, and sell more of their work. I also photograph food for cookbooks and magazines including Edible Nashville and Tennessee Home & Farm.

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Our Seagrove Beach 30A Vacation

July 24, 2018

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon… 

To me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 

 – Henry James


Biking, swimming, paddle boarding, beach reading, afternoon napping, and trying different restaurants every night – our week exploring Seagrove Beach and 30A was exactly the kind of carefree vacation we all needed.

This was our first time exploring the popular vacation spot, and we wanted to try as  many places and experiences as we could (while not over-scheduling ourselves because we’re pretty laid-back and we like to have lots of free time for whatever we feel like doing that day). 🙂

Here are a few of the restaurants we visited and liked:

The Red Bar, Seagrove Village Market , Great Southern Cafe (the best mojitos!), Cowgirl Kitchen, The Perfect Pig, Raw & Juicy Organic Juice Bar (try the coconut water that you drink out of a real coconut with a straw), Angelina’s Pizzeria & Pasta, The Taco Bar…. we indulged a LOT, and there are so many places we didn’t get to … we’re saving them for next time!

Check out some photos of our trip, which we mostly spent either splashing in the waves or eating.


Entrance to Seagrove Beach at One Seagrove Place seagrove beach ocean 30A Live sand dollars Seagrove Beach 30A Seaside 30A Raw & Juicy Organic Seaside Beach Florida Cowgirl Kitchen Seagrove Beach Seaside Beach Great Southern biking at Seagrove Beach 30A Seagrove Beach 30A vacation Seagrove Beach Florida beach seagrove beach 30A (the best mojitos!) playing in the waves at Seagrove Beach 30A Rebecca Denton Photography


And here are some iPhone snapshots to show you some more casual shots! Carrying around my big SLR camera on the beach wasn’t always practical (so much sand blowing around, and the lens steamed up constantly from the humidity), so I mostly took phone pictures that showed up on my Instagram stories …




If you have a chance to go to Seagrove Beach or any of the 30A communities, definitely do it! We had the best time together as a family just hanging out and exploring, and it was hard to pack up and leave our lazy beach days behind. School starts here in just two more weeks. Here’s to the last days of summer!

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Rebecca Denton is a food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville.