Hi! I’m Rebecca, a commercial and editorial food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville, and I specialize in helping chefs, restaurants, bakers, and makers market with soulful images to elevate their brands, connect with clients, and sell more of their work. I also photograph food for cookbooks and magazines including Edible Nashville and Tennessee Home & Farm.

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Food Fridays: Fresh & Easy Summer Recipes

food fridays


Welcome to Food Fridays! Each Friday through July, I’ll be posting one fresh & easy summer recipe.

Why the interest in recipes and food photography, you ask?

1. Eating more healthfully and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet is one of my summer goals, so I’m on the lookout for new recipe ideas. I thought, why not share the findings?

2. Photographing details, including food and drinks, is a something I’m loving more and more. I’m giving myself a project to spark some new ways to see and shoot.

3. I used to edit a lifestyle magazine that incorporated food features. I always enjoyed that side of things, and I wanted to bring that experience and joy to my current photography work.

4. I just really wanted to do it!

Whether you just look through the photos or even try a recipe, I hope you enjoy this new feature from Rebecca Denton Photography. Happy summer!!




Rebecca Denton is a food and brand photographer with a studio in Nashville.