I first fell in love with photography when I took a black-and-white film photography class at a local arts center. I had just graduated from college with an English degree, and I was already a journalist, but I knew immediately that I was a photographer at heart.

 I started interning as a photojournalist back in the film days and learning everything I could about photography. I worked as a photojournalist and writer for newspapers and magazines in four different states - Michigan, New Hampshire, Arkansas, and Tennessee - before starting my own photography business in 2013.

 My love for storytelling and documentary photography is what led me to weddings, and I haven’t looked back! My focus is on beautiful, timeless portraits and real connections that will always remind you how you felt on your wedding day.

my story

my two boys

These guys are my heart and soul, and they bring such energy, joy, craziness and adventure to every day. 

our dog, elsa

Elsa is our diva dog, and she gets cuddled constantly! Life is so much better with this sweet girl in our house.


I listen to podcasts when I’m driving, running, or editing pictures! I love to read and I love to learn, and with podcasts I can do both while getting other things done. 

documenting life

Documenting life and love and telling stories through photographs has always been my passion.


The sand, the light, the waves - I love everything about the beach, and we go every year!


Sweet tea reminds me of my childhood, my mom, and hot summer days in the South. I always have sweet tea on hand with lots of ice. 

gorgeous florals

Fresh flowers are my weakness. They add elegance and beauty to any situation, and I can’t get enough of them!


Running is my super power. It keeps me in shape and motivated, and it also gives me time to think. 


I’m a huge reader, and I always have a book or two in the works. I majored in English literature, and I love all kinds of stories!

hiking & exploring nature

Nature is where I recharge. Hiking and exploring new places outdoors is one of my favorite ways to spend the day.


I love to bake, and I usually make these at least once a week. The neighborhood kids say my chocolate chip cookies are the best! 

my favorite things

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Giving back to the community is so important to me, and I’ve use my photography to help organizations such as Flashes of Hope, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Nashville Children’s Theatre, and many area schools.

Each year I photograph for the nonprofit Flashes of Hope at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, which provides free studio photographs of children who are critically ill. Sometimes these are the last portraits their families have.

giving back

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My passion is seeking beauty in the everyday and holding onto those moments through photographs. This Project 365, started in January 2018, is my way of making sure I’m documenting my life and my family along with the lives of others, and of giving some structure to my goal of taking photos every single day. It’s an ongoing story of my family, told in just one photograph a day. The goal is simply to practice, to play, and to capture the little moments of life that add
up to days and weeks and before you know it – a year.  

project 365

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one photo every day

Rebecca Denton is an award-winning wedding photographer in Nashville, where she lives with her husband, two sons, and a fluffy dog named Elsa. Rebecca’s photographs are romantic, natural, classic, and timeless. Her years as a photojournalist and magazine editor give her work an editorial, documentary feel. She focuses on connections, light and emotion to tell the story of your wedding day.


Located in Nashville, Tennessee