Here are some of my personal photographs – just some moments from my own life.

With this personal project, my goal is to take photos of everyday moments that I might not typically take time to capture or that I don’t usually post. Its purpose is simply to actively practice my craft every single day, while also turning the camera on my own life more often.

This ongoing project might help you get to know me a bit better, to see what I find important, inspiring or beautiful. And for me, it’s just fun to photograph in a very personal way, for no reason other than the love of doing it.

In the words of photographer Amy Drucker: “You hear them laughing from the other room and forget the dishes. You pick up the camera, because it is your way. And maybe you make something beautiful. Maybe not. It really isn’t the point. You saw it. You noticed. Before this, the sound may have floated past and been gone forever — but for this practice of yours.”